Are we solely responsible for where we stand in life?

I think it totally depends on a person’s capabilities and limitations. For instance:  a  person who is absolutely not capable  of doing  anything because of his physical or mental condition   should not be blamed by us . We should measure his deeds while comparing with his condition, and try to help him to stand on his own feet. If a person, is absolutely fine, physically and mentally, but not doing anything, then we can blame him.  M aybe he is not doing anything, because of his laziness. For these people, there should be some counselors, who can talk to them, and make them realize that they should do something, or the counselors can put some ideas in front of them. What they can do, and how they can do it. Even so many physically challenged had done such a tremendous thing which is beyond the reach of many physically normal people. One of the greatest examples is "Stephen William Hawking". As many of us know about him,  We know what he was  being paralyzed, has given to the

Social and psychological impacts of quarantine due to Coronavirus

  Today, the whole world is drowning in the coronavirus ocean. As consequence, "many businesses, industries are shutting down and the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. Millions of people are getting infected and dying because of this deadly virus. Different types of problems are there in news. People are suffering from the lack of oxygen and hospitals. problems, sufferings. Recently, there was news about a woman who was giving mouth-to-mouth oxygen to her husband due to the lack of oxygen cylinders.                                                                                            C oronavirus As we all know, today, there are no social gatherings, no outings, we can’t meet our families and friends. Although nowadays in the era of mobiles and the internet, we can communicate with our families and friends, however, while staying in our houses, some people might face depression or frustration. We have no choice at all, to go outside, for walking, jogging, cycling,

AIHEARU (A speech recognition app for disabled people)

  Conversation: The conversation is a process of exchanging our thoughts, feelings, or emotions with others. There are multiple ways to express our thoughts and feelings with others. For instance: By speaking, writing,    sign language, etc. Speaking is the most common and comfortable method to express our thoughts and feelings. We can talk directly face-to-face with people, or we can have a phone call, video call. Nowadays, zoom group meetings are getting very popular. Thanks to all these technologies, it seems like, this whole world is a room, and we are talking with each other in this room.   Unfortunately, in this room, there are many people who are not able to speak clearly or any single word. Some people are trying to communicate with people with their sign language,    or by writing.    People who talk often to them, they can understand their words. However, for the rest, it is quite difficult or impossible to follow their words. As some of you are aware of me, I have cerebral p

My story

  Today I would like to share my views and feelings about disability. Earlier in my childhood when I went somewhere people used to see and would say various things about me. For example, they would say, ‘’why has God made you like this?”. Even today some people say such things. But, now, many people are aware of disabilities. I know, they were showing sympathy towards me, but still, it hurts my feelings. Because I am already concerned with my problems and when someone wants to make me realize it then it hurts me emotionally. I know it is a natural feeling f or everyone. When I see so many differently-abled people, who are in more difficult conditions than me and are still happy and enjoying their life that gives me strength and hope. I feel as if my problem is nothing in front of them. And I thank Almighty God for whatever I have.                                                My Grandfather (Dr. H.M.Munje), My father, and me I feel if any differently-