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AIHEARU (A speech recognition app for disabled people)

  Conversation: The conversation is a process of exchanging our thoughts, feelings, or emotions with others. There are multiple ways to express our thoughts and feelings with others. For instance: By speaking, writing,    sign language, etc. Speaking is the most common and comfortable method to express our thoughts and feelings. We can talk directly face-to-face with people, or we can have a phone call, video call. Nowadays, zoom group meetings are getting very popular. Thanks to all these technologies, it seems like, this whole world is a room, and we are talking with each other in this room.   Unfortunately, in this room, there are many people who are not able to speak clearly or any single word. Some people are trying to communicate with people with their sign language,    or by writing.    People who talk often to them, they can understand their words. However, for the rest, it is quite difficult or impossible to follow their words. As some of you are aware of me, I have cerebral p