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Who is a true friend?

Definition of a friendship: Friendship is one of the best and purest relationships in the world. A true friend will always give the right advice to their friend and correct their mistakes. Friendship should not be shown in words alone but it should be expressed from the bottom of the heart without any expectation, because once an expectation has been raised, there would be no real friendship. Real friends always share their feelings, happiness, sorrows, and many other emotions among themselves. If we are in some problems, first they will encourage us to solve our problems by ourselves, if we do not succeed to solve the problems, they will try their best to solve the problems and sacrifice for each other. In times of difficulty and sorrow, our friends give us hope and strength. Even if they are not able to help us, they can emotionally help us. Who can be a true friend? A true friend can be anyone who wants our betterment. They can be our parents, brothers, sisters, family, relatives, o

Are we solely responsible for where we stand in life?

I think it totally depends on a person’s capabilities and limitations. For instance:  a  person who is absolutely not capable  of doing  anything because of his physical or mental condition   should not be blamed by us . We should measure his deeds while comparing with his condition, and try to help him to stand on his own feet. If a person, is absolutely fine, physically and mentally, but not doing anything, then we can blame him.  M aybe he is not doing anything, because of his laziness. For these people, there should be some counselors, who can talk to them, and make them realize that they should do something, or the counselors can put some ideas in front of them. What they can do, and how they can do it. Even so many physically challenged had done such a tremendous thing which is beyond the reach of many physically normal people. One of the greatest examples is "Stephen William Hawking". As many of us know about him,  We know what he was  being paralyzed, has given to the