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The Baha’i Religion

      This blog post is all about The Baha’i Faith based on my research and opinions. Who are the divine messengers of God? “WHENEVER, O DESCENDANT OF BHARATA, THERE IS A DECLINE OF DHARMA, AND RISE OF ADHARMA, THEN I BODY MYSELF FORTH. FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE GOOD, FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WICKED, AND FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF DHARMA I COME INTO BEING IN EVERY AGE.” REFERENCE: BHAGAVAD GITA CHAPTER 4, VERSES 7-8 Throughout history, whenever the world was drowned in the ocean of evil, God continued to send His divine messengers to save and enlighten the world.   The major divine messengers of God are: •   Adam •   Abraham •   Moses •   Krishna •   Zoroaster •   Buddha •   Jesus Christ •   Muhammad •   The Báb •   Bahá'u'lláh Now, a question could arise: if God has sent His messengers to enlighten the world, then why the first messenger of God (Adam) was not sufficient for the world? Why Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, etc came to the world? In my opinion, t