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My story

  Today I would like to share my views and feelings about disability. Earlier in my childhood when I went somewhere people used to see and would say various things about me. For example, they would say, ‘’why has God made you like this?”. Even today some people say such things. But, now, many people are aware of disabilities. I know, they were showing sympathy towards me, but still, it hurts my feelings. Because I am already concerned with my problems and when someone wants to make me realize it then it hurts me emotionally. I know it is a natural feeling f or everyone. When I see so many differently-abled people, who are in more difficult conditions than me and are still happy and enjoying their life that gives me strength and hope. I feel as if my problem is nothing in front of them. And I thank Almighty God for whatever I have.                                                My Grandfather (Dr. H.M.Munje), My father, and me I feel if any differently-