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A bakery with difference

                            This blog post is all about the empowerment of differently-abled people. As we know, differently-abled people have limited opportunities as compared to normal people, but it doesn't mean they cannot do anything, and they should sit back. When differently-abled people do something extraordinary, it inspires everyone and proves that if we do something with interest and a proper systematic way, then no physical challenges can stop us from doing it. Even if we can't succeed in some of the attempts, there are many other opportunities. I admit there's no magical thing in this world. With self-confidence, we should be practical also. We should consider the following questions: What is our goal? What are the possibilities to achieve our goals? There are various goals that people have, but the most common goal is to live a financially independent life. To fulfill this dream, "Yes! We Can" NGO has taken an initiative to empower women with disabil