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Social and psychological impacts of quarantine due to Coronavirus

  Today, the whole world is drowning in the coronavirus ocean. As consequence, "many businesses, industries are shutting down and the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. Millions of people are getting infected and dying because of this deadly virus. Different types of problems are there in news. People are suffering from the lack of oxygen and hospitals. problems, sufferings. Recently, there was news about a woman who was giving mouth-to-mouth oxygen to her husband due to the lack of oxygen cylinders.                                                                                            C oronavirus As we all know, today, there are no social gatherings, no outings, we can’t meet our families and friends. Although nowadays in the era of mobiles and the internet, we can communicate with our families and friends, however, while staying in our houses, some people might face depression or frustration. We have no choice at all, to go outside, for walking, jogging, cycling,