Who is a true friend?

Definition of a friendship:

Friendship is one of the best and purest relationships in the world. A true friend will always give the right advice to their friend and correct their mistakes. Friendship should not be shown in words alone but it should be expressed from the bottom of the heart without any expectation, because once an expectation has been raised, there would be no real friendship. Real friends always share their feelings, happiness, sorrows, and many other emotions among themselves. If we are in some problems, first they will encourage us to solve our problems by ourselves, if we do not succeed to solve the problems, they will try their best to solve the problems and sacrifice for each other. In times of difficulty and sorrow, our friends give us hope and strength. Even if they are not able to help us, they can emotionally help us.

Who can be a true friend?

A true friend can be anyone who wants our betterment. They can be our parents, brothers, sisters, family, relatives, outsiders, etc. Any friend who never criticizes us for our wrong deeds or decisions cannot be a true friend. We have to be very careful while choosing a friend for ourselves because once we make a bad friend who has some bad behaviors or habits, it could affect our behaviors because it is so easy to adopt any bad quality. It is very difficult to find a good friend because we do not know everything about everyone, but once we make a friend we can understand many things about them and can decide whether there should be the continuation of our friendship or not. 

Why we need a good friend?

We need a good friend in order to talk, to learn some good things from them. If we do not find any good friends, it is not mandatory to make any friends. We should try to make a friend who is more superior, and more knowledgeable than us. Now, I do not mean we should not have less knowledgeable friends. They could have some other better qualities than many intelligent people, but we should also try to maximize our wise, intelligent friends around us in order to learn and get motivated from them.


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    1. One who has a true friend is wealthy , I hope one day people do not pretend to be friends but truly be friends. Thank you Anand for reminding me and making me reflect about valuable things in life .


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